Monday, June 23, 2008

New garden

My garden blooming, all home in flowers and I removed last few yards of lawn in front of house

Now it looks almost like real English garden – little too overgrowing, roses next to lavender, daisies mixed with lilies, tiny apple tree next to Russian Sage … I keep my windows open and fragrance of garden in every room now. All I want is to be outside and enjoy every second of summer… What a haven!
People walk and stop in front of house and looking on my flowers – I gently smile. Yes, it is my pride and joy! It makes me happy!

Some people stop to talk with me when I water my garden. Guy all covered in tattoo with dog, elderly lady, walking with her family, beautiful young women with gray hair from Baptist church next to us… Different people with same joy – bless all of you for the good words and kindness… My garden blooming because you like it!
But I also have small, secret garden now. Just for me…
I start to plant it last fall in a dumpy place, in the back yard, in a small area between two walls of our home and fence. There is no sun and almost no soil – rocks and clay only. Surprisingly, my secret garden this year became lovely and green. He happily answers with blooms for every minute I spent there. Wild daisies I picked up next to the dusty road last year became large and so bright; Black Eyed Susan from the same source reach 3 feet already; Yarrow and Tansy looks gigantic! Tiny bush of hydrangea (which didn’t like to be in front of house before!) became large and all covered in green flowers. Even Boston ivy start doing his job, covering quite an ugly fence…
This weekend I make new, tiny fairy's garden in the box for my friends, who have kids. Why not? I do believe in garden’s fairies….. Do you?