Friday, July 1, 2011

lots of gardening and one very hot dog

My garden finally looks like a true English garden. It took only  five or six years of hard labor, sweat and back pain. But this summer it looks  really good.  I can't see any soil under the plants. I am thrilled to see no weeds anymore. They probably still exists, but my flowers much bigger now.  Lots of gold and house finches as usual, lots of bunnies (monsters try to eat all my David Austin roses!)
So, there it is: My  Garden 2011

It is Logan  - my daughter's dog. He spent couple weeks  with us and became true michigander.  Finally learn how to walk in the yard without mom and dad. It take 3-4 days until he became so brave.  But look at him now! Happy face!

 I used  part of rotten bench to make Forth -of-July flag. Looks good!

He  even help Gordon to plant tomatoes. Of course, the most exiting part of summer vacation in Michigan for  him - sleeping in the shadow.  He prefer to do it in the air conditioned home, but I try to keep him outside as long as possible. 

 Yesterday I make six balls covered in beach glass and marbles. Glue gun such a  powerful tool in my opinion!

 Old clogs find new place as a planters on my fence

 Little nap after dog spa.

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