Saturday, January 26, 2008

It is snowing again…

Real winter finally hit roads of Michigan. I spent morning shoveling snow in front of house – bad idea! It is still snowing, I just waist my time doing it.
However, I managed to pull my car to the road and slowly (really-really slow! I mean it!) drove to the Joe Randozzo’s – my favorite place to do shopping every Saturday. My plan today to make slow roasted tomatoes, staffed peppers and Muhammara - Bell Pepper Spread with some almonds and molasses.
Sure, I stop for some coffee and bread at Panera. Muhammara can be good reason to have slice or two sourdough bread.
No other plans for evening! My husband out of home till evening, so I can do some painting or needlepoint… Whoever I will feel inspired today. And read – Aristotle Nicomachean ethics. I found lot of appealing in the way how he describes it.
Almost forgot - there is new needlepoint I finished and finally framed. It placed in our TV / computer/ craft room, and waiting for another bird be framed one day.

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