Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tiny houses from Lithuania

Lithuania is a small country on the Baltic Sea.
I spent so many summer vacations there; I had so many friends and neighbors in Lithuania that it became my second home. Tiny village Nida – home of famous German novelist and short story writer Thomas Mann.

It takes an hour and half to drive to the Nida, then about half hour to Klaipeda, another small, sleeping town. Little café, where you can have taste of espresso - black, no cream. And taste of miniature cakes Mille-feuille – they call it Napoleon here, in US. I miss Klaipeda so much… (I found an image of Klaipeda at

And couple month ago I get so lucky! I walk to the Marshall and found two tiny, ceramic houses, made in Klaipeda!!!! Wow!!!! Who cares how much! I must have tem!

Now they placed on a top of dresser in my bedroom. I put light bulb inside both of them and every night, when I’m going to my bed, I can enjoy reflection of light, coming from the windows. Soft yellow in a dark room… Home….


Flo said...

How can ONE person have SO MANY talents??!!!??? WOW! God bless you. You are so unique.

rochambeau said...

Thanks for you visit. Your little houses!! What a treasure!! You are lucky!