Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Latvian mittens.

I grew up in Latvia. Small town called Liepāja, located on the west part of Latvia in the Kurzeme province. Liepāja is known as the city where the wind born. I believe it is windiest city on the Baltic Sea.
It is truly small town with population less then 90 thousands people. I guess when I was 12 it was even smaller.
One if the best memories of my childhood is Ligo - this festivity takes place during the night between the 23rd and 24th of June – the shortest night of the year.
All over Latvia, all through the night people burn fires, sing songs, dance, drink beer and eat. People wear wreaths made of oak leaves or flowers, dancing all the night around bonfires, and sing summer solstice songs. During this night all the men, named Janis, are given special honor by putting oak-tree wreaths on their heads. (Well… I believe in my childhood all of them wear them). Also everyone was wearing national costumes. You can guess by color and pattern of stockings and woven skirts from what province they are came.
Latvians woman also famous for ability to make the most beautiful knitted mittens. I made few of them as a Christmas gift for my friends.


paris parfait said...

Such lovely mittens and a wonderful tradition to continue!

Anonymous said...

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