Thursday, August 21, 2008

Apple Crisp day and Mr. Bunny in my garden

I should confess - these two bunnies not from my garden. I didn’t make this photos, I found them in Internet as a study for my gourds sketches. I just can’t resist showing them to others. Did you ever see anything more precious???
Still we have our bunny in the backyard, I just not first-class paparazzi, can’t catch him. I have more flowers this summer and he coming more often now. Sometimes he sits next to the German porcelain bunny, pretending to be my garden decoration. Sometimes he hiding behind raised bed with tomatoes, and run away as soon, as I stop looking at him. Hi is little shy fellow. I just hope one day he will move in my garden with all his family! I just didn't named him yet... Hmmm... Any suggestions?
We also will be happy to have family of hedgehogs - my daughter LOVED them. She has one many years ago and it was lot of fun to see them playing together. Except … Well, I should tell that hedgehogs extremely active at night and they making really loud noises. Sounds like you have a pony in the kitchen! We have tiny-miny apartment back to the “hedgehog time” and it was little too loud…

Talking about apple crisp – my husband baked it yesterday! Ne used apples from our dwarf and some old recipe from one of few hundred (no kidding! I am serious now!) cookbooks we have. Oh, boy! It was good! With glass of cold milk it disappeared in a blink of my eye! I should admit – my husband really good cook!

PS. Two new samplers on my wall! Both from goodwill – somebody’s trash are always my treasure!


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you will treasure somebody's samplers. They are very pretty, especially the second one. This gives me hope of my pieces ending up in a good home after I'm gone.

Lenka said...
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Lenka said...

Ha! I have same ideas about my samplers! (I can't believe!!!)

Eva said...

That little bunny is adorabe!!!!!!!!

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi Lenka(:)
oh your language is as good as most of us (:) atleast you can write and speak 2 of them wish I could dear..
YOUR pics are soososososo cute love the bunny an the apple crisp looks so delish yummm ..glad you came over to see me..
hugs Patty

Pat said...

Such cute bunnies! The apple crisp your husband made looks so good.
Those samplers are very pretty Lenka. I'm glad your bought them.

Hugs, Pat

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Lenka..we miss you
Merry Christmas..
hugs, Patty