Monday, August 18, 2008

I am so glad weekend is over!

I am so glad weekend is over! I think I little overworked in my garden. But it looks so much better now! I don’t think I am done yet – I still need to split some more plants. My hosta and shiatsu daises waiting to be replaced.
My garden growing every day! Look at the ivy! It came from my father-in-law, and did very poor before. But this year ivy decides to grew up and cover my ugly fence!

Also hydrangea planted last fall doing so well! I planted hydrangea and few bushes of roses and totally forgot to water it last fall, when my daughter was sick. Dispite neglection they not only survive but blooming all over! WOW!
Look at my English roses! And we harvest few bowls of apples from our dwarf apple three – can you believe that this 5 feet tall dwarf has more than 50 apples??? And they are not only delicious but also so beautiful – truly “apple of my eye!”

Sure – I did needlepoint every evening as usual. Finally I finished and framed bouquet of rouses. Now they bloomed in my bedroom. I also continue stitching next one - with peonies. One day I will run out of space on the wall!

I am glad it is Monday – I can have little rest from heavy gardening….. But I make some more plans for the next weekend….

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