Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August already...

Why it is always the same? Winter is way too long, and summer too short… Hundreds small and big things was done at home and thousands not yet. At least I have my camera back and now I can write in my blog again.
Thank you, all my dear friends! I newer meet you, but somehow you became my friends. I miss you. And I love you - even I newer meet you. I love the fact that you invited me in your home thru the screen of my laptop. I love to see you life, get involved in good and sometimes not so good things, what happened to you. I love to share my life same way with you and have few of yours kind and so precious to me comments. I hope all of you had good summer. All we need – little happiness, sun shine and love of good people around us. I hope you have it! My love to you!

I want to show you WHY I was so busy. My garden blooming as a crazy this you! I can’t believe I did it! There is a part in front of our house – looks like a jungles! Sure, my husband stays next to his favorite (well… It is only one we have!) apple tree. We have like three dozens of apples on this small thing.

And there is my daughter with sweetest puppy in the world, named Sugar Dog! They are so in-love with each other! Tomorrow my Irka will have her 22nd birthday!!! I happends 15 minutes before midnight, 22 year ago, in a cold and rainy day. I try to hold on till 14th, but they squeezed her out. She has beautiful black eye (I mean brose!!!) and I never seen anything more fine-looking in my life. There she is!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Dear sweet Elena!
I was so happy to see your comment I started to cry! I've been so worried about you and your beautiful family. Isn't it strange how attached we all get attached to each other even though we only share our lives through the computer?? I'm so happy your summer is going good. Your garden is a real show place!! So full of color and loveliness. You did an excellent job!
Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter too!! Time flies so fast and they grow up way too quick.
Also I have a constant battle with weight! It's so difficult Elena. I have to be so good all the time and eat healthy and only treat myself on special occasions. Thanks for thinking I look okay, I have a terrible self image of myself. I guess alot of us girls do. But thank you, you make me feel good!
Lots of hugs and love, Sherry

Pat said...

Hello Lenka! So good to hear from you again! I thought you left blogging forever. I was hoping nothing bad happened and I am happy to see you are OK, and are enjoying your beautiful family and your beautiful garden!

Hugs, Pat

Pat said...


You are such a beautiful young lady!

Hugs, Pat

Julie said...

hI!!! How nice to see you! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your garden is so beautiful, as well as that gorgeous daugher and hubby!!! You sure have a lot of colors in your garden! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful garden! Thanks!
Good wishes to your daughter and to you!

Marina and Boris Rochlenko.