Monday, August 5, 2013

Building garden

I should admit - it is addictive to see garden in bloom…  We wake up every morning, pour cup of tea and take walk in our PJ’s thru the garden. Garden in the back of house and then garden in front. It became our routine from early spring till very late fall. As long as we can see some green on the ground….

Then every evening we repeat it.  Of course, the Kitty-Cat walking with us. She is big fun of our garden. In fact, she is the Quinn of this little kingdom.  Ruling it with her soft paw: no squirrels allowed! 

Somehow we not working too much in the garden.  It simply growing like wild. Well… Occasionally we adding few new perennials here and there. Sometimes I weed, but not too often to be honest… You can’t see weeds when it is so many plants. 

     And I talk to every little flower in the garden. Usually it is one way conversation: “Oh, you are poor baby!  This despicable bags eat you!” or: “Look at you! Aren’t you a handsome?”   I think it is the secret to the good garden… Mine growing wild and happy….

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