Monday, August 19, 2013

Working on new canvas

I am working on new canvas. Kind of…. When I am not in the garden, when I am not traveling, when I am not working 60 hours/ week…. So - it is not too often I have time to take needle in my fingers. But when I do! Oh, my! I can stitch from sunrise to sunrise! And I love every second of it!
Most of time I don’t use any patterns, I paint a picture or make very simple sketch of my design, and then let my imagination work.  Surprisingly it is easier for me - I have no patience to follow the pattern.
Now I am working on story of Little Red Riding Hood.  I think… At least I hope so...

Look- I have a lot of place for forest and trees (not done yet). I have her grandma cottage stitched already. And I have rose garden in full bloom around cottage.  The Little Red Riding Hood will dressed in simple blue dress with white apron and black shoes, the wolf will … I think he supposed to be handsome wolf.   And it is possible, after all I will have the tale stitched to the sampler also. Not a wolf tale, but a FAIRY-tale.

What do you think?


Meadow Walker said...

Love this!

Attic Clutter said...

I think they are beautiful Lenka(:)