Thursday, March 6, 2008

More birds and some roses

My daughter's gift - the birdhouse and Chicadee for Mothers Day. They look so good together!

There is always more rooms for the birds in my garden and house. Every day we feed them.
Dozens of small fellows coming every morning and waiting for me to refill bird fitters. Dozens of them meet me, after I return from job and will feed them again. A few squirrels looking to my windows bagging for food as soon as they can see light in the house. Sometimes two raccoons come to take lunch next to the squirrels. One single, and totally unmarried bunny, and one opossum, who’s family’s history we don’t know, often visiting us. And one neighbor coming to the time of feeding, and makes nasty comments from the other side of fence. One more wild animal we have. I should feed him too, perhaps… Or call animal control… Like a Scarlet O’Hara I always tell myself “I will think about him tomorrow!”

Today I show some more birds from my home collection. First is mosaic ( Hi, Penny from Lavander Hill Studio! I love your blog!). This is fist what I see when I wake up every moning. Oh, no - my husband always first, then mosaic!

I think it is newer enough eggs for Easter, so I have more now!

This two pillows I made few years ago. Titanic project I hardly finished, but I am glad I did – love them!

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Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love your mosaic bird piece!! It is gorgeous! And thank you for mentioning my name in your blog :-)