Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More needlework

Another heart is done, I want to frame it tonight or tomorrow. It seems like I will have quite a lot of them soon. I still obsessed with combination of gray and red, so simple and so darling! I started another, tiny one, two days ago, but not finished it yet.
I found one more heart in my closet, and want to show it to you also. I made it five or six years ago, when I was in the mood for quilting. I still miss doing it, but our house not to large and I don’t have special place to keep my sewing machine. One day… May be…

There is a needlework I finished recently. Unfortunately, I didn’t have appropriate fabric, and I used usual canvas. It would be much better to use silk or hand-dyed light green or blue cotton. Oh, well – next time I will know what to use!
Anyway, it is good for me to exercise new techniques and create new patterns. It helps to stretch skills and learn something new.


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Lenka, your embroidery is beautiful, you must have a lot of patience to create such work!
Lucy x

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Lenka!
I love your embroidery. Especially the first one with the bird. Do you sell them? You can email me at lavenderhillstudio@mchsi.com

if you do...

Pat said...

Very beautiful work Lenka!
Hugs, Pat