Friday, March 28, 2008

Two Hours Project

A biscornu is an eight-sided embroidered pillow that can be used as a pinch cushion, ornament, or key chain. Sometimes they filled with dry flower petals or herbs to make a sachet... Not mine - but it is good idea!
There are step by step instructions. It took for me about two hours to make small biscornu, but I took time to make tea, talk, walk, watch TV in between – I wasn’t busy, I just enjoy to do something new.
First step – I stitched two squares, they suppose to have same size. It is important!Then I cross-stitched two designs. The designs do not have to be identical; in fact it is better, if they are not. More excitement!

Next step is to find a middle of top design and joining the corner of one side to the middle of the edge of the other side is what creates the shape of a biscornu. (It was hardest part of the project!)

Then I made a stitch by passing threaded needle underneath the backstitch of the previously-marked center of the second square. When assembling a biscornu, the needle should always be passed through the backstitching without ever piercing the fabric – that’s what somebody told me! But… It is not easy… I missed a target couple of times… Please, keep the secret!

I stuffed my biscornu and make sure to push stuffing into the corners. And finally I sew on buttons. The thread should go from one button, pass all the way through the center of the biscornu, and then go thorough the other button. Simple!

And voila – my first in the life biscornu hanged next to the others broderie rouge – not like I speak French! I just love sound of it - broderie rouge… Fancy, ha?

PS. It is no snow in Russia – all snow immigrated to the Michigan! We woke up in the winter wonderland! What a lovely gift for my husband’s birthday!
Next week I will have b’day also, and together we will 100 years old!!!! I can’t get it out of my mind! I still feel like 15… I will three times 15, actually!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today! You have a very lovely blog! All of your redwork is beautiful!!!

Mary said...

Oh your redwork is so beautiful! thanks for coming to visit me today. I hope you have a wonderful birthday next week!

Lallee said...

Your work is lovely. I love redwork. I enjoyed seeing your paintings, too. Enjoy your snow. My husband is in Minnesota this week~sunny Florida is home for us.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love all of your red embroidery! I wish I could buy one! Love the birds the best!!

Esther Sunday said...

Lenka - this project is beautiful! You should sell them!!! Glad that you are getting over your cold! Love, Esther