Monday, March 17, 2008

Some Cupids

esterday I drove to Ann Arbor to see my daughter and even spent night in her tiny apartment. It was long and stressful week, I was so happy to see her again (and to have my camera back too!)...

Oh, boy! She like it HOT - literally! I believe it was 80 degrees or more in her bedroom! I was roasted all night and hardly survive till morning.
Likely it is cold and crisp outside and only 72 in the office; our guys don’t mind it! It is still winter here, even without any snow. My daughter took the photo of sky in the campus – doesn’t it look, like we have winter again???
Of course, we spent few hours at Panera. Actually, it is the best place to do homework. And eat, and chat, and browse Internet. Then we went home and finally I was able to make couple photos of my project.
I making sampler with the few cupids and late will add to it dozen birds and may be some letters, hiding between flowers and wines. As usually I don’t have any clear plan. I will see what happens! I also almost finished another small heart and it is time to stuff my project tonight. I can’t wait!

I think I will take little brake from big projects and start making couple biscornu - tiny eight-sided embroidered pillow that can be used as a pincushions, a holiday ornament, key chain or a scissor fob. Usually it filled with dry flower petals or herbs to make a sachet... I think you will see the first one soon!


Hulda said...

Hi, thank you so much for your kind words at my blog. :) I am glad you enjoyed it! I used to write some words in English earlier, but it is a while ago.

Your crafting, embroidery looks so nice, I love the vintage look. :)

Esther Sunday said...

Really enjoying seeing your projects... Glad you got to see your daughter, she looks like such a sweetie! Love, Esther

homespun living said...

Very beautiful embroidery!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Elena! Your embroidery is so beautiful, you create masterpieces with a piece of cloth, needle and thread! If you like flea market type places there is a shop in Ann Arbor called The Treasure Mart. It is fabulous and great bargains. Lots of students take things there to get rid of when leaving school. Also lots of antiques. Very interesting even if you just go to look around! So glad you got to see your daughter!! Sherry

Linda said...

What a sweet daughter you have and your weekend sounds fun.
Can't wait to see your biscornu. They are so pretty but they look difficult...I need to stitch more before I try one. Linda