Monday, March 31, 2008

Pet-Friendly Book Store in Ann Arbor

Sunday, after church we drove to the Ann Arbor, to have lunch with our daughter, and spent some time together… It was rainy and we didn’t feel like to walk outside after lunch, we just landed in Borders Book, Music, Movies and Café, reading magazines, having coffee and some sweet pastry.

We always loved this place and what a surprise!
It is pet-friendly now!!! We spotted few people coming with dogs and having good time, while kids, and even some crazy foreigns like me were able to pet and hug dogs! What a brilliant idea to open book store for pet-lovers!

Look at this cute 145lb. dog- he was so sweet and polite! He let us kiss his sweet nose, we shake his hand (or whoever they call it), and little girl after us came to hug him! He was gentle and let her enjoy the moment! I just can’t resist and made few photos of him and my daughter! Isn’t it cutest dog ever?

And then we have sushi for Irka in her dorm. This part of post made especially for her grand parents in Russia – they so worry all the time we didn’t feet our baby! There is a proof – she eat sometimes! She show us video of the lesson she teaches few days ago. You can see my husband with daughter watching it. I love them both so much - it is one of my favorite moments, to see them together!

It was simple day, but a happy one!

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Pat said...

That is such a big dog! He does look very friendly.

Such a nice day together! Your husband and daughter look so content and happy.

I love, love, love, sushi, Lenka! I could eat it every day.

Hugs, Pat