Monday, March 3, 2008

Treasure hunt....

I am flea market junkie. I have bad habit to do it almost every weekend. And always found something called “I need it so much! I was looking for it past few months”.
Last week I found (again!) exactly what I was looking for – 50 yards of 1.5” wide ribbon. Beautiful Easter colors light purple, little pink, and green. My bunny will happy!

Two napkins with Scottish design - I wonder who dumped them to the resale shop? No, really, WHO? I wash them, iron them with all my love and little lavender-scented water. They have loving home now!
Hmm… Long, long bell ribbon, or what is it? I have no idea, but I love colors and daisies. Welcome to my closet!

And last for today - half dozen white embroidered napkins. They require little work – bleaching and ironing.

Am I the luckiest girl?


Pat said...

You are the luckiest girl! Those are very pretty ribbons and napkins.

Lelia said...

Goodness!!! Your blog is full of special posts, pictures & projects. Job well done : )

Itching for Spring here, too. I am not a big fan of Winter -- lovely job on your camera pocket [first post on the blog] the flowers are awesome. Good job on the bullion roses!!! They look great.