Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Post About Nothing.

hat’s right! Nothing happened since yesterday. I didn’t sew, stitch, cook, clean or even read. I have a migraine! Best what I can do just fall asleep and try to sleep as long as possible. So I did. It helps little bit, as usual.

Early in the morning I received e-mail from my daughter with BACON. She knows how much I love bacon! Who doesn’t? There it is:

The photo of bacon doesn’t have any special meaning in my post. Sorry – it just make me smile! Who was this crafty woman, who weaved bacon strips?!! I have no idea, but I should admit – it is fun!

I make photos of couple my old projects and want to share with you.

It is two socks, or stockings (I still not understand difference, even I open dictionary …). Usually it takes an evening or two to finish them. In winter they hold dry lavender or ivy. In summer, I place small, vintage apothecary bottle with water and keep fresh flowers from my garden. Either way it works and looks good!

Another is holder for the cinnamon sticks – oh, I love this one! Sometimes I found pattern I love, and in excitement, I start stitching without thinking HOW actually I will use it! That was one of such projects. Surprisingly, it is one of my favorite.

Ooops! Cinnamon sticks mysteriously disappeared, I just noticed it. What happened??! I have no idea…
My David Austin roses came, and I even didn’t open the box.
I don’t know what to do now – it is still cold in Michigan. I can’t plant them… I don’t have garage to keep them… Our tiny garden house (in reality it is just a shed to keep lawnmower and tools) too cold, I suppose, and roses will not survive… Besides, I can’t keep them at home – it is too worm, buds will reinforced to grow. Is anybody can tell me what I suppose to do now?


Esther Sunday said...

Hope you feel better! Those headaches are so nasty. Lenka, I truly love your projects! You do lovely work. Can't give you any tips about the gardening - I kill stuff just looking at it!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hope your headache goes away! Your stockings are wonderful! About your rose...can you plant it in a pot inside and then transplant it outside when the weather is better? Or call the company you ordered them from and ask them...

Lenka said...

Penny, I think your idea is good! It will work! I do have large pot in my shed, I will plant roses in it and keep them till spring in the laundry room. Oh, Thank you! What a relief for me, I was so worried!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Hi Lenka.

Your stockings are great. You do so much different and beautiful art.

The bacon strips are too funny :-)

Linda said...

Hi Lenka, I so hope you are feeling better. There is nothing worse then a migraine.
You are a wonderful stitcher. I love your stockings and the way you decorate with them, especially tucking a little bottle with flowers in them.
What a sweet idea. Linda