Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Japanese Friends

Yesterday snow storm hit Michigan and I decide to stay home. I have long way to drive -42 miles from home to office, not good when it is bad road.

Working for Japanese company, I have all advantage of being women. Believe or not – they are threat me as a precious and darling creature. Guys in the office open a door if I walk in, they taking me for lunch, when my daughter was in the hospital, every one of them was so nice to me – I even asked them to stop, because I wasn’t able to handle it without whipping my eyes and nose all the time. And they are so polite! Oh, gosh, if you only know how polite can be Japanese! I feel like Barbarian next to them. And they call me Elena-san...

Wife’s of our employees - it is another story. They even more nice and lovely – I don’t know if it is possible, but in fact, it is. They always, and I mean it – always, sending me small (but ahhhh, so precious!) gifts. In fact, Friday I get the most beautiful block-printed towels from Hiroshi’s wife. She was on vacation in Japan and brings them to me. She spoil me! Totally!

Monday Daijiro’s wife sent to me two slices of home-made cheesecake. Bless her heart! I don’t care about my hips – I can handle it! What a good heart, and excellend baker! It was one of the best cheesecakes I ever have!

Today I came at 7 am, and found large box of AZUKI – Japanese pastries. I even don’t know who give it to me yet! So yummy...

Awww… I love them so much! What a beautiful people!
They always make me feel like a luckiest girl in the office! (Actually, I am only one girl in the office!) And I didn’t do anything to deserve it…. Amazing… Felles like I won big lottery ticket, only much better!
And their kids - I newer have enought of them! Look at this two - are they special????

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Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

How lucky you are to have such wonderful people to work with! When you spend so much time at a job it is nice to enjoy it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and your snow and cold stop soon!