Friday, February 15, 2008

Another project

Finally I framed it. Thanks to Salvation Army stores, I have dozens frames, any shape, style, and color I need.

Few days ago I also risqué couple William Morris’ Artichoke pillows. They looks little shabby, I need to take them for dry cleaning. And possible they will have happy life after at my porch or serve as chair sits in the kitchen. I will see. Anyway – Morris’ design always welcome in to my house! .


rochambeau said...

Your cross stitch looks great in it's new home Lenka and you're lucky to find scored the Willam Morris pillows!

Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

Hi Lenka - thanks so much for visiting my blog recently and leaving such nice comments. I've been reading through yours also and am enjoying it so very much. Your English is excellent and you must never be embarrassed to write - you sound charming and are doing a fine job.
I'm so very happy to know that your daughter received such good news about her health issue - what a brave and beautiful young woman she is!
Your story is interesting and I'm sure that you, like all of us who left our homeland and came to America, have had good and bad times and much to adjust to. Of course I've been here much longer (45 yrs) but I still have moments when I would like to go home again to live - I miss my country.

Your needlework is beautiful. I like the William Morris designs too - those pillows were a great find!
I hope you will have time to stop by again - I'll be looking for you. My best wishes to your daughter and hugs to you - I know how worried you must be and I hope that she remains safe and healthy.

Fondly ~ Mary (ACROSS THE POND)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Lenka, your embroideries are great!

William Morris was a maestro, wasn't he? I love to wander among some of his creations in V&A in London.