Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I was tagged!

I was tagged by Patty from Attic Clutter blog! You can’t believe how exited I am now – it newer happened to me before; somebody actually was able to find some meanings in the debris of my broken English; someone sweet and kind found interesting to see my photos. I am so thankful, and I am smile all the day.
Also I am so thankful for everyone who leave comments – let be honest, it is what we keep our blogs for! We are looking for new friends and sharing ideas...
Patty’s blog is lovely and fun! This week she displayed a whole bunch of vintage photos - fancy ladies, having even more fancy expressions on their beautiful faces and posing for camera in fine-looking heats. They are stunning, and lovely, and little hilarious too! Thank you, dear-dear Patty!


Pat said...

Hello from New York!
Your snow pictures and your Pysanky are so beautiful! There are many Russian immigrants where I live, and my grandmother was born in the Ukraine so I am familiar with the foods and some of the customs of Russia.
You write English very well, Elena! How long have you lived in America?
It was nice to meet you.

Esther Sunday said...

Hello Lenka! I am coming to visit you from my over at Attic Clutter! It is nice to meet you! I just scrolled down looking and your posts and I just love your red monogram stitching. Very good! If it is ok with you, I will add you to my blogroll so I can check back in with you! Love, Esther

attic clutter said...

HI Lenka..Oh you are so deserve the credit.. great Site you have,thanks so much for saying such nice things about me/my site on here(:) wowowowowow you are wonderful~~!!
hugs Patty