Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time to believe and be patient

4 hours before surgery

Evening after sirgery - she already can laugh! As always!

Cute sleepers – important part of healing process!

Few month ago my daughter have brain tumor removed and we don’t know if it ever will back or not. Likely, the tumor was not malignant. However even benign brain tumor can be death sentence. We are so thankful for each tumor-free day. And we pray so hard…

My daughter is amazing! She simply told me yesturday: “I feel fine, I know I don’t have new tumor! Live me along!” There you go! At least we have somebody with good head in shoulders in our family! At least somebody can sleep at night.

On the fifth day after surgery she returned back to the university and simply finished term with all A’s. Most of people even didn’t know what she going thru… She is amazing!

Today we have following appointment with our neurosurgeon. It is time to do next MRI and see what’s going on. I am nervous a lot; I understand that we will have news only couple weeks late, but can’t stop worry… It is time to be patient….


SweetAnnee said...

Praying for her
She's beautiful
and YES..those slippers
are definiitely an IMPORTANT
part of healing!!

Praise God she is well..Deena

Lenka said...

Oh, thank you so much, Deena! She is well, no radiation needed so far - it was our biggest concern. We will have next MRI in couple weeks and hope we will have same news.

Her response: "I told you!"....