Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good news – tumor not back

ood news – tumor not back, we will have MRI done in couple weeks again. My daughter doesn’t need radiation so far. Doctor was as usually clever, answer all our questions, give some more options, and most important, he sounds very positive now. I feel I have wings again! (Forgot to tell – my daughter and I both think he is handsome, it is important part of treatment too!). All her response for the excellent news was: “I told you!” I need to pay attention to what she told… At least sometimes ... What a conception…

Driving was terrible! It took 3 hours for usual 45 minutes trip. But gosh, snow is beautiful! There is a photo of Christmas tree just next to my doter’s apartment. I took it today, before 7 a.m.

I also have lunch with beautiful girl Nanamy from Japan. Then she discovered power of Marshall – shopping much less expensive in US. Funny part, I look like a toll girl on a photo. Actually I am 5’2”, she even smaller! By the way, Nanami in Japanese sound like noise of ocean waves – isn’t it beautiful ?

I have time in the doctor’s office to finish couple designs in me notebook. First one is for my bed; I will do it in rosémailing technique. But I need to wait for summer. And I also try to make some monogram in same style, but it didn’t turn well. It’s OK, I still learning.

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