Thursday, February 21, 2008


a-dah! YesterdayI finished another heart and framed it. Actually it was after midnight, so technically it was today.

Sweet Mary from Across the Pond left a comment “you must get more rest” – I know, thank you for caring, Mary! I told it myself every morning, but then in evening I can’t stop… Excitement of new project is too big, I simply can’t stop …And I always have couple more projects to start… There is a monogram N for the next heart I will do tonight:
Yesterday my husband told me something what makes me smile. A can’t believe! When he was a small kid, he was afraid even to open “Alice in Wonderland” because he was terrified to see illustrations. Especially this one - Alice with looooong neck!
Oh, honey, if you will bad to me one day….
It is funny but sad in some way… For me this book was one of the best adventures, for him – source of the most horrifying dreams…


bj said...

I always felt the exact way your hubby does about Alice in Wonderland. I never did like it at all because every thing in it scared me to death. I STILL don't like it and I am a grandmother.! haha
hugs, bj

guild-rez said...

Thank you for your visit..
You are creating wonderful cross stitch hearts and the alphabet letters are beautiful as well.
Lenka, if you want to join our walking club you have to start now
perhaps you can make it on time.