Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More snow today....

Tonight silent snow covered ground. I woke up and soft-blue light outside the window make me smile – I knew it suppose to be flurry!
Mild and soft, large snow flakes little by little floating down the sky and it become quiet – no sounds of birds today. The snow is fluffy and crisp, perfect day for taking cross country skiing or to walk at the forest.
I spotted bunnies’ footprint in the backyard, he coming often to my garden now, big lover of blueberries and cuts from apple tree. All summer he hides under the blooming bushes and pretend to be one of my garden decorations – he doesn’t move, no any motion, even his eyes not blinking. But in the moment, I turn my head out – he jumps and run out. Silly bunny! We don’t eat bunnies! We feed them!
My hardy rosemary fluffed up tiny leaves, and proudly shows new dress, designed by talented master - winter.
Even my Danish shoes on the porch have some fresh treat, little sparkle of white.

Winter again. I love you, winter!


Mia said...

You snow photos are just lovely! And it really looks beautiful with everything covered with a blanket of snow. Our winter has been very strange this year, with hardly any snow, and February being more like April, weather wise.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for you nice comment. It is always nice to meet new bloggers and find new blogs to visit.

attic clutter said...

Oh My Lenka..You are the talented one .SO glad you came by for a visit ''SO I'' got to your BEAUTIFUL and very- very interesting site~~!!!! Thanks~~ Oh I do hope your daughter makes a full recovery ..POOR dear such a bad thing to have to go through..
The snow an bunny tracks were delightful!!
I love your needle works and gourds..
If you need gourds I grew a huge lot of nice ones for the first time this last year and they are getting dry now(:) I will list some forsale somewhere, either my webpage, blog or ebay ..or just contact me for a good deal..WELL hugs for now and I will add you to my ''favorite bloggers list''(:) Patty

attic clutter said...
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bj said...

Thank you so much for coming over to see me on my blog...Please come again anytime.
I love your pretty winter pictures. The ice and snow look sooo cold. I live in West Texas and it isn't covered in snow like a lot of places.
hugs, bj

Gledwood said...


These are some of the best and most atmospherical snow pictures I've seen in a long time!

I'll give 'em a shout out on my blog


guild-rez said...

Love your snow pictures..
We recently noticed bunny tracks in our garden as well. Cat Maxi is delighted.. something to chase after.. but no touchdown..
cheers from
Toronto Canada

Nabeel said...

the snow sparkles in such a cool way with camera flash .. also the raindrops.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love the beautiful photos of snow~ we don't see that often around here!
I know where to go for some ice covered pictures. =D