Friday, February 8, 2008

Snow, birds and needlepoint

We have more snow this week – it’s getting out control. And it is beautiful too. I know, we suppose to complain about cold, snow, darkness, bad driving and slippery roads. I can’t - I love winter. I adore waking up Saturday morning and feed birds and squirrels. Our back yard full of water and we can’t reach large bird feeder, so we just pull out of the garden house an old one and place it in front yard. I guess we are the most popular house on the street now! Hey! I love it!
Dozens and dozens birds left footprints on the snow. They eat it all in couple hours – poor creatures! They mast be really hungry. I will brave tomorrow - I will walk thru the snow and swampy ground of our backyard to poor more food at the biggest birdfeeder we have. Actually it is birdbath, but every winter it became a Mecca for local pigeons, doves, robins, and sparrows. Occasionally coming Blue Birds and couple of Red Cardinals – what a tropical colors on the white clouds of snow!
I also continue my next project – rework on wool canvas. As you can see, I almost finished it, but I am not sure what it will be finally. Canvas bag with toile inside layer and needle pointed pockets for flea market discoveries? Or I can simply frame it? I don’t know yet…

I posted photo of birds I found about year ago in the resale shop. They are so lovely, but I don’t know how you suppose to call them in English. Russian name is SNEGIRY, came from world SHEG – snow. They are one of my favorite birds…

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